Big Facebook Giveaway !!!

2021-03-05 13:12 

Hello everyone,


We have pleasure to announce everyone of you our

??????Big Giveaway ????????

Will Be 5 Winners :

1. place 200$ in SILKS

2. place 100$ in SILKS

3. place 40$ in SILKS

4. place 25$ in SILKS

5. place 10$ in SILKS


Rules :

 Like Our Facebook Page  

Share Our Facebook post as PUBLIC  

Tag 5 Person on Facebook post who play Silkroad

Join in our Discord react with ?? on ?facebook-event room.


 Winners will be announced on 01.04.2021 on Discord channel!

Unique Rank Giveaway

2021-02-28 21:11 

Hello Everyone ,


We will start Unique Killer Rank giveaway of 500 silks !


-You are no't allowed to use bot on Unique spot ( Ban 7 days)

-You can kill any Unique from normal unique like Tiger Girl to Rexall Boss and soo on...

-Every unique have an amount of points depend on unique.

Leader Unique Boss Killer will be announced every Sunday on Discord and will get 500 silks !

Unique rank can be check from here just press on Top Unique 


Rexall Team wishes you have good luck and have fun !


New Payment Method!

2021-02-26 23:14 

Hello everyone,


Now we accepted payment method PaymentWall more then 150+ payment methods !!


Fell free to check it from Donate section !


RexallSro wishes you have fun with us!

New Vote4Silks sites!

2021-02-12 23:10 

Hello everyone !!


We have added 4 new vote links !!

Vote every 12 houers and get your free silks !!

And help the server grow !!! Thank you !!




RexallSro wishes all of you good luck !!????


Big Giveaway!!

2021-02-06 00:55 

Hello Everyone !!


????Weapon Egy B Giveaway !!
To join for the big prize you have to do this :
Like Our Facebook page !
Share Our Facebook page on public !
Join on Discord RexallSro channel !
Send the screenshot with your Share of Facebook page on our Giveaway proof channel on discord !!
RexallSro wishes all of you good luck !! ????